Welcome to Trinity Christian Life Center!

 Here at Trinity Christian Life Center EVERYONE is family.  God never meant for us to be islands, doing life alone.  We are designed to do life TOGETHER, as a community, as a family.  This is how we THRIVE.  This is how we IMPACT the world around us.  Here at Trinity Christian Life Center this is who we are.  

Our Mission


Our Vision

CONNECTing with God and one another in the body of Christ.
THRIVing individually and corporately in relationship with God, one another, and our community.  
IMPACTing the world with the love and truth of Christ.


Here at Trinity Christian Life Center EVERYONE is family.  God never meant for us  to be islands, doing life alone.  We are designed to do life TOGETHER, as a community,   as a family.  Doing life together means CONNECTing with one another, having relationship with our brothers and sisters in the family of God.  But CONNECTing in the family of God also means connecting and having relationship with God, Our Father.  


And let’s face it, our relationships are only as healthy as the CONNECTing we do in those relationships, in other words the time and communication we put into those relationships.  Here at Trinity Christian Life we stand firm on the Lord’s promises of wanting His children and church to THRIVE, like the tree planted by a river living water that never withers but THRIVES (Psalms 1:3).


We know from God’s Word that Jesus never meant for our relationship with Him to only IMPACT our lives and the lives of our friends and family.  God’s purpose has always  been for our Faith, our relationship with Him and Jesus, to IMPACT the world.(Acts 1:8).  Just as a mighty tree, when it grows tall and wide, impacts those around it with shelter and nourishment……our Faith, our relationship with Jesus and God, is meant to IMPACT the world and people around us with the transforming love and power of Christ.

Trinity Christian Life Center is an Assemblies of God congregation. 

If you'd like to learn more about our beliefs visit AG.org.